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Quick (and other) hot air station information request

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I am looking to get a hot air station for my SMD repair setup. I have heard many good things about the Quick 861DW but after looking at some of the other products on Quick's site (and doing some unsuccessful digging on the net for reviews), was wondering if others have tried some of their other products and had information on them.

I don't see the 861X listed on what appears to be the Quick corporate page so I don't know if it is legit or not. I also have no idea what the TR series ones cost as one retailer I spoke to was selling the TR 1300 for around $900 while I saw it listed on places like Aliexpress and Banggood for about half that price (though I have no idea if they are real or just cheap clones of the original). I am also open to other suggestions if you guys have found other stations that are reliable that work for you.

Thanks in advance!

Yes I always wandered about the 861X it is not on the Quick website nither is the below 881d, also the TR 1300 lists as 1000W  but aliexpress lists the TR3100A as 1300W so not quite sure what is correct.


A small update to this, for those interested in Quick products, I managed to get a hold of a distributor in Poland who was listed on the Quick website and he mentioned that a simplified version of the TR1300 will be coming out (the new model is TR1300D) in June but he didn't mention how much it was going to be. As for the TR1300, Biall (the Polish retailer) had it for sale for about $675 USD. Still hoping someone who has happened to use the TR1300/TR1100 units would be able to give a review or comparison against the 861DW and how much they paid for them.

Ok, one final update on this and I'll put it to rest:

After getting some additional information from the manufacturer, they said that the TR1300 is the one that has an all touchscreen interface and the TR1300a is the low-end model for cellphone repair, uses buttons instead of the touchscreen, and doesn't support their software for monitor the TR series of products over the internet. They also said there is no TR1300d and no plans to make one.

As far as the TR1300a being a lower model for cellphone repairs, I wonder if he wasn't mistakenly referring to the TR1100 which seems like a less powerful unit. Either way, I am done digging on this as its too hard to get accurate information. Apparently Quick seems to rely on word of mouth for advertising their new equipment instead of having data available on their site about it.

Did you purchase a Quick?  If so, are they any good?  I'm considering the 861DW.  It's $300 for a Chinese hot air station.  I assume they are a few steps above a $50-$175 Chinese hot air station?


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