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After another issue with my ZD-8915, I decided enough is enough and I need to buy a new desoldering station.
I've replaced the heater/gun 3 times on my Zhongdi station and even after lots of modifications it's performance was far from stellar.

It's something I use most days in the workshop, so instead of getting yet another heater element or any of the other models of ZD desoldering stations I looked for an alternative.

I came across a Quick 201B available in the UK from AMS ( for £246.60 inclusive of VAT and Delivery so I ordered it.
There seems to be little information or reviews of this desoldering station and took a bit of a chance.

Well it arrived with me today and I'm so glad I took a chance, I was expecting it to be a little bit better than a Zhongdi ZD desoldering station but it is in a completely different class. The ZD station I own and others I have used feel like a toy in comparision.

First thing I noticed is the weight, it's really well put together and even the iron stand is heavy.
The gun feels well put together and professional. I would say it's an extremely good copy of the Hakko 802/809 Gun, I have no idea if the Hakko parts such as the tips etc will fit yet.

I turned it on and it got up to heat quickly, grabbed a scrap board and started desoldering some through hole components.
Wow it removed all the components from the board with ease! like nothing I'd ever experienced with the ZD stations.

One nice touch is it holds the suction on for about half a second when you release the trigger, just like the Weller desoldering stations I've used in work places.

The tips are really good quality and way bigger than the tips for my ZD-8915, they are plated and have a lot more thermal mass.
A heat resistant pad is provided so you can swap tips over when the gun is hot, lots of cleaning tools are provided as well.

It came with 2 bags of filters for the gun, 4 springs, 3 different sized tips and various replacement rubber seals.
There is also a cable provided with banana plugs both ends complete with croc clip that fits in the back of the unit for grounding purposes.

There is no fan and it has a traditional linear transformer which I personally prefer over a SMPSU, but it does only take one voltage.
Not a problem here as I do not plan on using it in a lower voltage country but may be something to point out to those who do. I have no idea if the internal transformer has a tap for different voltages.

There are settings that can be changed through the front buttons such as auto sleep on or off, password, maximum selectable temperature limit (450c or 480c) and also temperature calibration adjustments.
The gun filters look to be the same size as the ZD stations (17mm) and should be the same as the Hakko 474 type filters (802/807/809/817). The filter on the main unit is quite large and just attaches with silicone pipe so is easily replaced/sourced with any industrial inline filter. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Hakko springs fit this gun, but I must say the quality of the supplied springs are really good.

This really does feel like something that can be used in an industrial/production environment and I'm extremely impressed so far.
I thought I'd post at least something as there is hardly any information on this unit anywhere.

A Couple of pictures below and the user manual attached. I'll try and get some more pictures soon and update this thread.
The main Quick website states that it has a
Any questions please ask.

Thank you for the review and pictures. Funnily enough my ZD8915 clogged up again today twice! My usage is relatively light but clogging has been a constant and frequent problem with this unit during the 3 years of so that I have had it. Until now, I have been able to clear it relatively quickly, but both times today I had real difficulty trying to do so. In addition, somehow, I  managed to dislodge the thin metal tube from the heating element while trying to shove the cleaning rod through it so it is now loose. It seems as though the exit end of the heating element is too cold or too narrow and any significant quantity of solder just seems to solidify before reaching the end of the tube and getting expelled into the waste solder container.  This has been my first de-soldering gun and for what I paid for it (they seem to cost considerably more now), it has been a useful purchase and if nothing else it has demonstrated the usefulness of such a tool. When working well, it certainly can tackle jobs with ease that a soldering iron and pump cannot. I could buy another heating element, however, the clogging problems have been frustrating and I am thinking that it is time to purchase a more reliable tool.

I was going to ask on here what to buy. The Wellers cost a grand or more which I cannot justify for occasional hobby use. I was wondering why you chose the Quick 201 over the Hakko, but having looked them up, they also seem to be quite expensive by comparison, although Amazon have an FR301 for 378GBP. Ok it is a bit more, but it is Hakko. Nevertheless, if for under 300GBP I can get something that is going to be reliable, last and not clog up every 5 mins, then it will probably be a worthwhile purchase.

After taking informations (thanks to "TheBay" !), I'm using the Quick since two weeks.

It replace the Aoyue 701A++ desoldering gun  (= Aoyue 474A++).
The thermal conductivity is far superior on the Quick, the solder melt quicker (I had calibrated the Aoyue, not the Quick), and this make a big difference when using it.
The overall qualty is also better inside the box (but the Aoyue Station itself is very reliable). The succion power seems to be equal.
The plastic part of the Quick gun is identical to the Aoyue gun.

I'm using Hakko nozzle on the Quick, and the filters are also compatible. I'm currently using the bigger A1007 Hakko nozzle (1.6mm).
It seems to keep good succion power a little longer than the Aoyue before needing to clean it.

so if there was some way to improve the heating on the ayou. then it would be similar to the quick? because the ayou is something around almost half the price here. at worst still well over 100 euro less expensive

I don't think it's possible. The conception is absolutly different. The nozzle on the Aoyue is mount on a tube across the heating element. There is a lot of air and gap. I also think that the Aoyue is more fragile.
If you make effort on the nozzle when using it (because the nozzle is bad or the temperature is too low for example), you will brake the heating element shortly ( done several time).  I don't think it's possible on the Quick.

The Aoyue is a good choice i f you have a light to moderate use. Good point, the parts are easy to find (in Europe) and not to expensive, and you must change the nozzle (if it's Aoyue brand) often enough.
For daily use (professional) the Quick is a better choice, with the use of (expensive but very good and durable) Hakko  nozzle.

It's possible tu use Hakko Nozzle on the Aoyue but you need to use an Aoyue tube (taken from a Aoyue Nozzle) and mount it on the Hakko nozzle. Done that, but it's not easy and you can damage the tube, the nozzle, or the heating element.


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