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Quick 861DW build quality



I was looking for a Hot Air Soldering station. I've chose the Quick 861DW because of their seemlingy good build quality and their good components (compared with the Atten ST862, which was my other option).

Today I received my item and it had a two scratches on one side and what I dislike even more, it was not possible to open the station, because 2 of the 8 housing screws were overturned and therefore it was impossible to unscrew them.

So, dear Quick 861DW owners, did you make the same expierence?

Kind regards


I got one a couple months ago. No scratches. I've seen the tear down and had no interest in taking it apart, so can't speak to the screws. I use it and it works. This being my only experience with hot air systems, I have nothing to compare to. At this point I'm happy with it.


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