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Quick 861DW - switch to Celsius mode


Anyone know how to switch the Quick 861DW hot air station to Celsius mode? User guide no help. Mine is in Fahrenheit mode, and it is buggy.

See video

Hold down channel 2 and 3 for a few seconds. It'll switch from F to C
1 and 2 un/mute beeps

Hi there I have tried to change it too from C to F but the 2-3 buttons doesn’t work for me. The 1 button for sound works though. Is it possible that they made it permanent or they have change how to do it. Any update to this is welcomed!!!!

Hello, found this thread and it helped me. 2 & 3 worked for C/F. The unit was asleep, it was really particular about how precise I was about pressing them simultaneously, and it didn't matter if I just saw dashes on the display or a temperature


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