Author Topic: recommendations?: Good & low cost small, medium, large ESD mats, bags, etc.  (Read 394 times)

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Hi -- I'm looking for recommendations on
good (function, durability, quality, features) but relatively low cost small / medium / large ESD mats, bags, accessories.
New or good quality industrial / commercial used / surplus acceptable for the mats.

Not necessarily "low cost" like order from aliexpress / taobao /ebay for $2US but also not like $200-$1000+ new from desco / 3m / ....
Anything worth buying on Amazon or good value & quality on digikey etc.?

small: e.g. less than 1m x 1m e.g. 14in x 14 in or whatever
medium: maybe smaller than desk / workbench size but significantly larger than the most minimal sizes.
large: covers something like 0.25 to 1.0+ times the surface of a small single person work table / work bench, more than 1m x 0.5m, maybe up to 2m x 1m or slightly more.

I'd like options for something soldering heat resistant (suitable for soldering and maybe hot air use) on / near the surface of, and options for others that may be lower cost.
It should have some standard or easily equipped by add-on a snap / terminal fixing point to attach a grounding cable of course.

Also if you have suggestions for good sources of good quality for the cost accessories like floor mats, wrist / foot straps, cables, terminals, connectors, etc. please
include those!

Metallized conductive bags: properly made ESD bags small (100mm x 100mm?)  / medium / large (motherboard size) qty 10-100 or so

Pink anti-static bags: small / medium / large, 10-100 or so.

Foam / misc material: Suitable for lining parts storage drawers, packing, not necessarily for IC DIP insertion.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi evb149,

I'm looking into the same thing as well. Still tying to figure out how all this stuff works, what I actually need and how to use it correctly.

The only esd mats I could find that you can drop solder on/touch with parts being solder/reflowed are the nitrile rubber ones. AU$198.98 for a 24" x 36" (609.6mm x 914.4mm) mat.

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I bought a dark blue Sierra FT series  from All-Spec five years ago. 
It's 24"x48" and still looks like new.  Mine is on my home work bench and doesn't get heavy use.
It's the cat's meow!  :-+    I need to get a smaller one for my soldering bench.
I no longer solder on it because it's on my test bench and I don't want solder flakes getting into devices I'm testing.

I'm partial to the dark-blue (more of a royal blue in person) but there are other colors.

All-Spec has a full line of ESD products.  (Not exactly cheap.)

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