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Does anyone have a favorite board preheater less than $600 bucks? If I'm doing boards with components on one side, is buying something besides a hotplate worth it? What do people think of the Hakko hot air preheater (FR-830), or just hot air preheaters in general? Are the IR preheaters worth it?

Can't see the FR-830 being that good but never used it.
You can get a decent IR preheater for <$200. The hotplate style is ok only if you are using single sided load PCBs.

I use this (no aff.) -> for about 6 months. Works all right, no complains about the preheater part.

Hi ,
I use Hakko FR 820 I am very satisfied, it is quiet, I made my own hot air work stand with what I found in the warehouse


--- Quote from: ezalys on July 29, 2021, 02:34:34 am ---What do people think of the Hakko hot air preheater (FR-830),

--- End quote ---
That it's overpriced like 3-5 times for what it is.


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