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Review: High-precision L/C Inductance Capacitance meter (35-50 USD)

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--- Quote from: saturation on December 02, 2010, 12:06:48 pm ---You're very welcome, some analog approaches are far simpler than the digital...

--- Quote from: vizer on December 01, 2010, 08:51:08 pm ---The move of some analysis and design (and maybe more to move, too) is surely appropriate...

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i think he meant... "move the hell of your all very nice analysis out of here! this thread is meant to review the cheapy LCR meter only!"... well... with some exageration ;D

I'm sure you "didn't mean that in a bad way," shafri. Also, while I've not seen my mother wear combat boots, and not heard her friends mention such proclivities on her part, you may not find that at all conclusive. I admit to being not so swift, having first taken the five star shapes next to your Hero-Member designation to represent gold stars for laudable contribution, though I now more clearly see they represent shurikens. ... well... with some exaggeration. ;D


--- Quote from: vizer on December 01, 2010, 04:17:31 pm ---Having this thread mostly for review of the device first identified, moving some/most of this analysis and design over to the section for technical discussion, along with cross references between both threads seems a good idea.

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I was about to offer an opinion on that  high-precision L/C inductance capacitance meter. But then I saw your "get of my lawnthread" request and couldn't be bothered.


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