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Rigol DS1025E original warrenty

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can someone post some photoes on original warranty card you got with rigol1052E?

I wonder how long is the warranty? Rigol site says 3 years deal excel says 1 year and some other suppliers says 15 months.

and in case of faulty where do you send the item? is it possible to send it directly to rigol ?

You have to send it to distributor. So in case of faulty, you have to send it to dealexcel and postage back to China is really expensive.

If you mod your Rigol you will void the warranty anyway, wherever you buy it from. The distributor should honour the warranty (if he is still in business), the last resort is the manufacturer. Others have already said, shipping back to China is prohibitive.

If you need warranty

Buy from a local distributor
Don't mod the scope

problem is there is no local distributor.
is there any way I can contact rigol and buy from them directly?

and I ave found some cheap deals from its about $355 including shipping.

and there is one supplier that offer $278 including shipping(to sri lanka) for the scope.

So since I cant depend on warrenty anyway (as you guys stateted above) what do you think about above deals


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