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Rosin Short Circuit Detector - Does anyone know about this tool?

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I saw this on YouTube:

Is it junk?
How does it work? I saw a comment that said it is similar to an e-cigarette? Maybe it creates a cold water vapor and, when the faulted component heats up, it clears the fog covering that component?
How to get one in the USA? I saw the unit on Ebay, but no rosin chips...

Please and thank you. Cheers!

This is the same thing as you can do with a regular canned air in an upside down freezer mode. It relies on the shorted capacitor heating up.

Found the answer:

Start after 3:00


Yeah this is the same white residue left after soldering iron smoke. The white residue just gets motivated to evaporate once it gets hot enough.

I suppose it is a pretty neat trick. The other way of doing this is to pour some alcohol over the board and watch where it evaporates really quickly. Both of those are better than nothing when you don't have a fancy pants thermal camera.

Not such a great thing to vapourise in such quantities though  :o


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