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Royel RE600 vac de-solder/solder system tips?

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I have a Royel RE600 soldering/de-soldering station, I picked up many years ago. It is a lovely little unit and works well, however I only have one tip for the iron, 1.5mm.  I would like to get a smaller tip and larger one. Does anyone know if these are available anywhere? The iron itself doesn't have any identifying numbers on it.

The de-solder iron is a CT204, I know I have spare tips for this but haven't found them yet >:(! I would be interested in tips for this too.

Does anyone have a manual for this soldering station? How are the tips held in the soldering iron, are they just pushed in or screw in, do they have the heating element as part of the tip or is it just a copper end? If it is just a copper section that pushes or screws in I can make some new ones in the lathe. I don't really want to take it apart at the moment in fear of destroying it trying to find out how it works.

Thanks for any help or information you can offer.

Royel was an excellent company back in 80/90s....then was sold off to money grubbers who destroyed the product.

RE600 nice station.  The Tips are held in by a small "shim sleeve" between the iron inner barrel and tip.

I managed to "Score tips galore" for  Royel irons.  I have 3 types of Royel stations, RE600 (solder/vac-desolder), RE800-4 (solder/Vac-desolder/resistance solder); and qty 3 (I think) single stations.    I have plenty of std large and small soldering tips (for large and small irons) but not as many Vac tips I'd like to have.  Still I have some spare, and Pace tips that are same size and fit.   

I'd have to scratch around to find all my de-solder tips.  But I do have some spares.  I have more than enough spare sleeves for the tips.

I made diagrams of the station cct layout and heater control PCBs.   They are common between each model albeit small changes, pretty simple but works.

Not sure on you're de-solder iron type, mine are CT200 or such like.   They are "rare, and like gold" with few spares around.   I do have som glass tubes and filters, not a lot else on that.   Maybe a PIC from you will help identify.   

Thanks for your reply, wow that is quite the haul you have there. I'm keen to buy some tips off you.

I actually got my unit in 2009, it was missing the glass tube for the de-soldering iron. At the time I got a replacement tube and a spare hollow tip from, they don't appear to exist any more. I must have a paper manual somewhere since I found a scan of the parts page for the "de-soldering tool - CT204&M" in an email when I ordered the tube. 

I would love to get a spare tube for the de-soldering iron, the one I have wasn't bent correctly but I've made it work. I've always been worried it will get broken and not be able to replace it. I've been meaning to find a local glass worker to see if they would be able to make a spare for me. My de-soldering iron is labelled CT204 and Rd.83.405, tried taking a photo of the number but bit difficult since it is behind the cage.

I've only recently started using this iron again, hence looking for spare tips, all my electronics stuff has been in storage for about 7 years since we moved, starting to get to play with my toys again and dig stuff out. Had to solder in a SMT cap the other day and even the 1.5mm tip is too big really, which got me on to looking for replacement tips.

Your mention of circuit diagrams makes me think I do have a manual, I remember seeing circuits, thinking, that will be useful if I need to repair them and that most manuals now don't come with that sort of information. I'll need to dig through my other boxes.

OK, should have attachments this time, had to reduce their files size!

ok that tube isn't orientated the right way the bend sits closest to the Iron.  Also it appears to be missing a spring clip that locks the tube assy to the cage at the rear of the iron.

I should have a spare.  I have some spare filters, iron vac tips and iron std tips of various size, types (aka chisel, hoof, Bevel, flat, conical, blade,) but its their short chisel that is the best thru hold tip ever.   It allows full side face against thru hold leg and pad at same time heat transfer is great.   

Nowdays tips are made more for SMDs and sharp chisel tips are not the same angles as these and not as good.

But what I'll do is go thru all I have, they are all over the place.   I have tips "almost all types", tip shims, filters, spare glass tube (I'm sure), I think a spare tube holding spring....I'll go thru it all see what I have and get back.   

It'll take a day or so to clear my bench to do this.   You appear to only have a small you have larger irons?  Oh the reason that iron part number doesn't gel with me is it is supposed to have a switch on the handle.   Most use a footswitch instead.

edit: oh most original irons use the early silicon wire which has deteriorated by now.  I've re-wired all my irons except one.

Great thanks, I'm in no rush, quite excited to have this unit with all the right bits and to be able to use it more as my main soldering tool.

I only have the small iron. I didn't know they had two sizes of iron. I'm keen on a larger iron too if you have spare. At the moment I use a simple 30w non temp controlled iron for most stuff and only use the Royel on small work.

Due to the angle and placement of the bend in the glass tube unfortunately it won't fit the other way round. At the time I ordered from, they were supposed to send me another one because the original they sent didn't fit correctly, but the replacement never turned up and I just made do. I've always wondered how the tube was held in, I just made a rubber-band work to help keep the the tube in place.

Private message me when you have things so we can work out the logistics. Thanks again.


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