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Sale on Larson cutters pliers


Wallace Gasiewicz:
Other stuff also including solder wick

Shame delivery to the UK is $122, or I would have bought 10 pairs of pliers for $7. If they sent it via Evri, it would be close to $18...

Delivery within the US is pretty bad also. I went through their clearance list and added 7 small flush cutters, 3 soldering braids, and 2 small scissors to my cart for a total of $32.

Cheapest shipping is $45.17.   :wtf:

That's probably not more than 2-3 pounds in weight and would fit into a flat rate USPS Priority Mail box for $11 retail (less with the commercial rates I'm sure they have). Being a domestic company, that reeks of price gouging on shipping to make up for their "clearance" prices.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Wallace Gasiewicz:
The shipping cast is terrible.  I did email them to ask why.  I use their products and the Loner is a great soldering station. 
They have another sale.



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