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ShineNow T12 Soldering station : calibration and shake sensor


I bought a ShineNow soldering station (copy of the KSGER).

Two issues:

1) I do not understand the calibration process. According to the manual, it is done by going to the Setting 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 in the Menu (to calibrate for 50°C, 100°C, 200°C, 300°C and 400°C respectively – and note that I have a good multimeter with a thermocouple that I use for this) and follow these instructions:
"Test the soldering tip by soldering thermometer, revolve the knob till the thermometer tested temperature stays in 50°C, adjust the CAL while testing the soldering tip temperature until the tested temperature also is 350°C. Calibrate the unit at 100°C, 200°C, 300°C, 400°C respectively, to see if the deviation is big. (Note: Use factory default calibration parameter when calibrate the unit, set the sleeping time a little longer. The unit is already calibrated when it is out of factory, no need to calibrate for somme time.)"
It's the "adjust the CAL while testing the soldering tip temperature until the tested temperature also is 350°C" part that does not make sens to me... Someone brighter than me understands this?

2: The shake sensor does not seem to work. In the manual, it is written: "CAN'T WAKE UP THE SOLDERING STATION: Check the vibration switch iron with multimeter, it [?] it works, check the connecting cord, disassemble the soldering iron receptacle and check if there is any poor soldering."
I join pictures of the socket soldering on the controller boeard (note the solder blob between pins T12+ and TC+); is it normal?) and the iron handle (note that there's only 4 wire not 5, so one pad is empty; is it normal?).


Tilt switch appears to be connected correctly, between Ground (black wire) and Sleep (white wire). Although you could use a multimeter to check that: the wires go where you expect, the switch activates when tapped. You might have to tap the switch on the table to trigger it.

I wouldn't even touch the CAL stuff. Its quite difficult to get an accuracy measurement of tip temperature without a proper thermocouple jig and good technique.
Although, if you want, just set it to 350 and see what sort of reading you get. Make sure to put a lot of solder on the tip (you can watch SDGs videos for how to do it).

The blob makes sense when you look at the wiring diagram of the tip:;attach=382087;image

Thanks a lot! I didn't know the thermocouple was in series with the heater. As you suggested, I gave a good shake to the handle and the switch now works. Again, thanks!


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