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Small size reflow hot plates

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Im looking for a small hot plate for SMD soldering. For PCBs size of arduino nano etc.. These are some I have found and would like to hear if some of these are "stay away" products or real good for the value:


UYUE 946-1010


Kaisi 818

And more expensive

Based on youtube reviews these can be quite handy and not all gimmick stuff... I would be getting one for small DIY projects because someone like jlcpcb doesn't have ICs on stock which I would be using.

Basically all the products that you have listed are quite the same, I will tell you my opinion about the UYUE one since I'm running with a UYUE 948S+ model, it says that these hot-plates could reach up to 350 degrees but unfortunately it is not true, it stops at around 215 degrees Celsius so you need to consider buying a low temperature solder paste if you are willing to use one of these models, I recommend the solder paste SMDLTLFP10T5 By CHIPQUIK
You can check the demonstration through my official Instagram (here is an example :
About the JLCPCB missing parts, you can source the components from external suppliers and get them assembled by JLC


Do you mean even if you set it at 350C the temp doesn't go higher than about 215? Or that it is software limited to 215?

If you hesitate about the first devices you mentioned, the MHP30 is a very nice but also very small device. Easy to use, and there is open source firmware for it (see, but I never tested that.
You must however not underestimate ambient air flow. Just tested my MHP30: at the 300C setting, you easily get a 30 degree difference between the temperature the device thinks it is and the surface temp of the PCB on top of it, especially when you provoke airflow around it with a fan or an open window. Compensate for that, and why not combine the hot plate with a hot air gun. Plate for preheat, air gun for the soldering.

Software limited


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