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Solder Peak SP-1010DR (ZD-915 rebrand) teardown

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Waking this thread up as it has the "Diode Mod"
Has anyone used a DC buck converter instead of those two resistors, as they are extremely cheap now.

I have the ZD-8915 and was planning to change those two resistors to diodes like "mos6502" did but I have a few buck modules here so might try that.
I'll post some pictures in it's own thread soon, but decided to have a look inside the ZD-8915, it's laid out slightly different but still uses those resistors and that board is part of the front buttons now.
Looking underneath the first resistor there are 8 pads/holes for an IC or diodes? maybe they were going to go with some better voltage regulation, I can't quite see behind the 2nd resistor.

I will be adding a relay, I do not understand why they connect that motor directly to the microswitch, it's crazy I'm surprised it works at all looking at the gauge of the wire!

SORNY ROONG INDUSTRIAL SL-928 desoldering station dead in usage after not more then ~48hrs run time.


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