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Soldering Station: Hakko FX-100 vs JBC CD-B video

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First off, I know there is another topic titled "Soldering Station: Hakko FX-100 vs JBC CD-B" and I debated just reviving a zombie thread, but I decided to go with a new one after the system gave me a warning about reviving an old thread. So here we are!

Long story short, I have both a Hakko FX-100 and a JBC CD-B on their way, and I would like to make a video comparison of the two as I found that there was a gap on the topic. I wanted to know what people would like to see in a comparison

My specific need for a bigger station relates to working with ground planes (4oz and over 30cm2) and heatsinks, so the most obvious test is for me to do some ground plane wetting and compare the two (and I'll throw in a reference station like a TS100 or something just for kicks). After that, I'm not sure what to do. I have a FLIR for temp measurement (no calibration tool), and watt testing is meaningless when comparing a resistive with an inductive device.... I am by no means a skilled micro-solderer, so I'm out of ideas on what else to test. What would you like to see? Once I test both, I will re-sell one of the two stations, so now is your chance :)

*edit* video is up!

Thanks for starting a new thread, you did the right thing.

I don't think the Hakko FX100s 50W RF power is the top of performance for RF stations. Metcal has an 80W MX5200 model and JBCs old BD 2A charts show it beating the older Metcal MX5000 model.

You also need to consider if you want tweezers and what the tip selection is like. Do they offer rework tips for instance. Hakko has a small tip selection by comparison to JBC, Metcal and Pace and aside from that it's limited to set temp tips of 350/400/450C.

I'm considering the same JCB and I look forward to the comparison. Do you have a YouTube channel that I should be aware of? :)

I don't want to shill so I'll just wait until I can actually post the video (the fx-100 is being held up), otherwise it's just spamy to post my channel with no actual relevant content to the post. I should have it within 10 days instead of 3 days ago. Time goes by slow when you're waiting on a cool tool! I can say that so far the jbc doesn't break a sweat where my ksger did a poor job.

The video is up! :)


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