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Soldering Tweezers?


I was browsing the Weller website and came across a product that came with some soldering tweezers:

It's the item at the very bottom, the WX2021. How useful is an implement like that for SMD work?

Very handy if you are doing tons of SMD rework.
Otherwise two soldering irons suffices and can be more flexible.


Solder tweezers are handy if you need to pull off a lot (like dozens or hundreds) of chip parts quickly, but not much better than doing it with two irons, and not useful for much else, so in terms of value for money, a second iron is going to be useful much more often than one iron and solder tweezers (e.g. when you need to frequently swap between two tips). Unless you're expecting to spend all day picking chip  parts off boards...

I'm not working with SMD components yet, so I don't think I could justify getting that station. It's just shy of $800 on digikey!

This seems like something more reasonable:

It can do the basic stuff I'm working with, and it's fancy enough to handle more complicated work later on. Plus the price is much nicer.


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