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SORNY ROONG INDUSTRIAL SL-928 desoldering station temperature sensor failure


Hello, I have the SORNY ROONG INDUSTRIAL SL-928.
Not many hours on the unit of usage, ~48hrs, but it's 3 years old. So no warranty.

The heating element heats up, but temperature display shows 7C instead of actual temperature. I tested the handle the temperature sensor is OK shows 20C when connected to DMM temperature mode, heating element is heating so it's OK.

I'm looking for schematics any help.

I tested the 3 transistors C1815L they seem fine, the LM358P DIP8 don't know, tricky to test. There a no other parts between Thermocouple and main IC chip.

Thermocouple give me 0.3ohm value and measures 20C on DMM switched to temperature range. Maybe it's dead.


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