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Does anyone use a "Chip Components" de-soldering tip?

Is there a "Chip Component" de-soldering tip for SOT23


Do you need the component to survive? If not - big blob of solder and a regular soldering tip would work. Heat each pin by moving the blob around, eventually they all will heat up enough. And if you do rework more or less often - get a hot air station. No matter the tip - desoldering stuff like this with a soldering iron is a pain.

If it is SOT23-3, then you can also lift one pin, then desolder the rest of them. This will mot damage the device if done carefully.

Or you can cut the pins if you don't need it to survive at all.

"Chip-Quik" which is a very low melting solder may help.  If you have access to a little "Wood's" meltel or anything similar, that may work too.  Otherwise, I would just use my flush cutters to cut 1 or 2 of the legs off and remove in the usual way.

Two soldering irons (one in each hand) and no special tips are needed.

The problem is the width of a JEDEC SOT23 package leg bend to leg bend is not well defined.  Here's NXP's dimensions:

Add up the tolerances, and you'll find that a bit that jams on the legs of a max lead length  (NXP: HE) SOT23 with minimum flat end length (NXP: Lp - c, where c is the lead thickness) wont even land on the leg ends of a min. lead length package.   

Therefore you'd need a deeply slotted tip that could be bent to accommodate your specific SOT23 width across lead bends.


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