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Spring hook for Rigol probe


I seem to have lost the little spring hook tip thingie that attaches to one of the probes for my Rigol DS1052E. Is there some standard for these things so I could get just one of this spring hook things from Farnell or should I simply shell out for a new probe?

If I'm getting a new probe, anything in particular I should look out for? I won't be using it for much high speed stuff so I doubt it really matters all that much but I thought I'd ask just in case.

Scope probe dimensions are not standardized. Some are interchangeable, but you really have to try or check dimensions in the data sheet very carefully.

I believe there are some posts about cheap scope probes on this forum, try searching. I dislike them, but that's mainly because I care about transient response and circuit loading. As long as they didn't screw up completely (eg. used a capacitor with a lot of dielectric absorption), cheap probes should be fine for low frequency use where loading is not critical.

Just as a tip for those who have old Tektronix probes that have also lost the hook tip. They are actually interchangeable with the cheap probes you see on ebay.


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