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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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I tried once with an almost identical capacitor, when I was fighting with the sensor noise.
Well, it exploded  :-DD, maybe wasn't rated for 25V, I don't know!.

Are you sure the capacitor is connected between the heater pins?
100nF isn't a huge capacitance, but can cause nastly current spikes when driving it with PWM.
I don't know how original Hakkos work, but maybe they use 24Vac, in that case the capacitor wouln't cause any trouble.

Speaking of handles, is there a way to use/connect the NTC in a 5 pins handle with a 4 pins station? As I understand it, that's what the 5th pin is for so it's not possible without it but I may be wrong.

I guess one big difference could be the frequency which is used to drive the heater. If Hakko more or less measures around two times per second to then decide for how long of the next cycle they enable the heater (effectively 2 Hz PWM), then the capacitor does not change too much. But if you really use the PWM of the controller set to, for example, 1kHz PWM frequency, then the capacitor has a big impact. But as, I guess, noone in this thread actually owns a legit Hakko station for these tips, noone can tell how they drive the heater.

Probably best I keep with the chinese handle. But I really would like to get the original Hakko stand with the switch. I tried to hack my own but unfurtunately had a minor accident because of using improper tools. So I lost interest in creating my own one.

Any chance that someone here can tell me if this handle: (chinese handle with the short "finger to tip" distance) fits nicely into this holder:

Hi there,

This is probably a very simple issue but after going through a few dozen pages I couldn't find a similar issue.

I have a KSGER 2.1S model which looks like an exact copy of one of the boards from a photo in the Github repository. I program the firmware file labelled "KSGER v2.x, JCD T12, QUECOO T12-955" but find that the station doesn't power up.

I've been able to reprogram it with a copy of the original firmware from the repo (thanks for providing this) and it works perfectly once again, I'm sure there's a simple change that needs to be made for my particular board but I'm just not sure what it could be.


--- Quote from: M-Reimer on November 29, 2021, 03:16:43 pm ---Any chance that someone here can tell me if this handle: (chinese handle with the short "finger to tip" distance) fits nicely into this holder:

--- End quote ---

I do not have a genuine hakko stand like you, but I do have a chinese clone of the stand and that exact iron handle. I am happy to report they do fit together perfectly


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