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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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Sorry, I forgot to attach the file!

Delete the project, then click import...existing project/Select archive file and select this file.

This one isn't proving any better. It halts at the 'bl main' instruction in the startup_stm.s file and goes to HardFault_Handler. Could this just be a bad STM32?

This is a new project, made from scratch. It's a very basic blinky, only toggles the buzzer pins.
Everything else is untouched. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will.
The only options left would be the stm32 being defective or a crappy counterfeit?

I'll keep trying for a while, but it's a very slow process, needing local testing, uploading the tests, waiting for feedback, etc, I could run 1000 tests in 15 minutes, so consider letting me to debug it remotely if it keeps failing.
Otherwise, I can't spend much more time with this...

Is this the right way to do wiring for stand standby detection? I see on the picture at the same time GND to Earth is this ok?
If stand is selected shouldn't be the shake sensor disabled?

I you want stand mode, then you must disconnect it from the shake sensor in the handle, cutting the wire in the connector or removing the sensor.
Wire the shake signal from the board to somewhere, ex. like you're doing, ta a rear conector.
That signal is left floating then the handle is out, and pulled to ground when the handle is in.

Earth and ground are not the same. If your station has them connected together, then you can use it for pulling down the shake sensor input, but if not, you have to use the power supply ground.


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