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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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A stupid question.... Would it be possible to ignore the sensor when in stand mode in software?

As far as the controller is concerned, both the sensor and the stand send the same signal. Both are pulling the same wake pin to ground, the only difference is what the software does with it (ie. the mode you set in settings). I can't see how you could discriminate reliably without a separate pin for both devices.

So since neither Ksger nor Quicko i think has an option to use sleep in stand. Would it be possible to assign additional pin if there is any spare on stm32 and do a hardware mode. So that if stand will be enabled pin 13 (i think) will be disabled and some other pin would be enabled.

It certainly is possible but that means running a bodge wire straight from the MCU pin and also adding some input protection resistors and diodes so you don't fry your MCU. Any sane person would just disconnect the shake sensor and be done with it (unless you're designing your own board).

I plan on getting a t12 clone off aliexpress/banggood for some messing around and some keyboards, the plan atm is to get one of the t12, an 858d heat gun station, and an engineer ss02 for desoldering since the default plastic tip ones are really bad. Is there any better I can do than any of these for around the same price? And would you recommend a desoldering gun station thing, or would I be better off getting everything separate?

Which t12 clone would you recommend getting in terms of hardware and software compatibility? I plan on getting one running the stm32 rather than the stc or some other chip because I heard there's not as much or any software compatibility. I understood that quicko has better hardware than ksger as well as better support software side, is that the case? and am I less likely to need to reconfigure the temperatures for the tips? and is there any good way to do this on the cheap if I plan on getting genuine hakko tips or the default quicko tips?

And which version should I go for? there are many on the quicko aliexpress store, as well as some quecoo ones, what are the differences between the "brands" and the versions?

Thanks in advance!

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