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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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CKS32 are fine, the incompatibles are MM32 and CH32.

Just wrap the screen with something to ensure it doesn't get an accidental hot blast, other than that, replacing the mcu is easy, specially the 48pin packages.

The KSGER 3.1 seems to have an 64 pin MCU. Did actually someone test if the MM32 does work somehow? I'll get this station in a few weeks, can absolutely not find any source for a compatible 64 pin MCU and so would have this thing for testing purposes. I guess we will have to deal with this clone MCU for quite a while (and maybe even if the STM gets available again as probably MM32 is much cheaper). So it may be worth a try to find a solution to use this MCU.

I had a look at the Nucleo board that I hoped can act as a donor here. But at first I did not look closely at the MCU. It unfortunately is not F103 but a STM32L053R8T6. That's not compatible, right?

Would it actually be possible to bodge wire any other STM32F103 in there? I have a few STM32F103CBT6. That's a 48 pin MCU, so won't fit directly. But if there are not too many connections this should be possible to patch in. Is there a pin list somewhere so I can check how to move the needed pins? No, I don't have the ST IDE and I can't install it.

I asked on,
they said:

* only T12-955 V2.x model has STM32 IC
* T12-958 V3.x model uses MM32, even they still write stm32 on title  >:(
* other models use STC
Do you find any store selling STM32 or CKS32 V3.x? I can replace the IC if it has CKS.

If it is hard to find V3.x model using STM32/CKS, I think I have to go with T12-955 V2.x. Any other advice? Thanks.

I bought this soldering station. It used STM32F103:
What processor now - I do not know. You have to ask about it.


--- Quote from: vqtrong on July 05, 2022, 03:17:55 am ---If it is hard to find V3.x model using STM32/CKS, I think I have to go with T12-955 V2.x. Any other advice? Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Same for me. And I actually got fooled by the description on Aliexpress where they still say it is "STM32". Still have to wait what I'll get but I'm almost 100% sure it will be MM32.

I had a closer look at the schematics and as the instructions on DavidAlfa's GitHub say that it doesn't really matter which F103 is used as long it has enough flash I think I'll be able to mod my 48pin chip in there. I'll at least try that as, to be honest, I really enjoy doing such fine soldering stuff  ;D

It seems to be totally possible to get STM32F103C8T6 based development boards. When searching, I even had the choice if I want to have the original STM IC or the CKS clone chip. As the CKS chip is also OK, I think this is a possible supply of chips to mod stations coming with unsupported chips. That's a bit more expensive than just getting the chip but in combination still way cheaper than any Hakko station.

And if we now (probably) have to do modding anyway in future, then I'm wondering if it would be possible to get one of the cheap STC based stations, throw out the chip, add ribbon cable in its position and wire the other end of the ribbon to a bluepill dev board. Maybe I should try to find the cheapest possible STC based T12 station to trace out the schematics to see if it is "close enough" that it works as "external circuit" around a STM32 dev board with DavidAlfa's firmware. I don't really need a third station but probably that could be fun to try  ;)


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