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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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looks like 2 buck per 1 cks chip. maybe i even buy one for test purposes.


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--- Quote from: vqtrong on July 05, 2022, 03:17:55 am ---If it is hard to find V3.x model using STM32/CKS, I think I have to go with T12-955 V2.x. Any other advice? Thanks.

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I had a closer look at the schematics and as the instructions on DavidAlfa's GitHub say that it doesn't really matter which F103 is used as long it has enough flash I think I'll be able to mod my 48pin chip in there. I'll at least try that as, to be honest, I really enjoy doing such fine soldering stuff  ;D


And if we now (probably) have to do modding anyway in future, then I'm wondering if it would be possible to get one of the cheap STC based stations, throw out the chip, add ribbon cable in its position and wire the other end of the ribbon to a bluepill dev board. Maybe I should try to find the cheapest possible STC based T12 station to trace out the schematics to see if it is "close enough" that it works as "external circuit" around a STM32 dev board with DavidAlfa's firmware. I don't really need a third station but probably that could be fun to try  ;)

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--- Quote from: DavidAlfa on January 27, 2022, 03:10:30 pm ---Warning: it's a MM32SPIN27PF. That's a Cortex M0, so it won't be compatible with this CFW.
There isn't a single ksger with a M0 mcu, all use STM32 F1 series (cortex M3).
Porting it would be lot of work for just a single board.

I recommend replacing it with a stm32F103C8 or CB, ex. from here:
Might be a clone, but most work ok. Only CH32F have issues in this FW (ADC reading random values).

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Does DavidAlfa means that we can get directly replace a MM32 with STM32F1?
I have here an image of MM32 of KSGER V3.1. At first, I have to compare the pinout on PCB with KSGER/Quickco PCB.

This board actually does not look like a KSGER 3.1. Now I'm curious what I'll receive. I hoped for a board with 64 pin IC, just like the V3.1 I'm used to. Advantage of your board: The available STM32 ICs can be just "swapped in". Disadvantage: This does not match any photo of known boards that I've found so far.

That's what my KSGER 3.1 looks like:

If they designed a completely new board, then it may be tricky to find out which station this actually matches now. Can you create a photo of the full board and post it here?

Edit: says that you can find out what type of board you have by looking at the display connection. Yours is 6 pin, so probably a "v3.x". And I also found your board. The seller seems to call it "V2.01":

The latest QUICKO firmware is a huge improvement on my DXCHMEI T12-A, even the OLED display looks better/more vibrant.
These tip settings make it run perfect
Kp: 120     
Ki: 50
Kd: 20
Imax: 0.5
Imin: 0
I installed a JST header so it can be flashed without opening it


--- Quote from: vqtrong on July 06, 2022, 08:38:49 am ---Does DavidAlfa means that we can get directly replace a MM32 with STM32F1?

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Yes, the board layout didn't change, you can perfectly replace the mm32 with a STM32F103.
Other F1 series, not sure, I made the firmware specifically for the 103.


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