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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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For convenience, it enables the tip selection for 5 seconds after changing a tip, so you can chose the new one by rotating the knob, or simply wait the timeout for it to go away.
Don't go Superman, it will ignore it if the tip is inserted again in less than 3 seconds, assuming it was a a connection failure instead.

Yeah, I have to update the Operation manual, too busy...

I'm back home and making progress with the C245:

--- Quote from: Rixi on May 09, 2023, 06:36:22 am ---EDIT: I just realized that I probably wired the thermocouple and heater the wrong way around. According to this...

--- Quote from: ststefanov13 on May 08, 2023, 08:55:18 am ---David, the HANDSKIT uses a different arrangement of the GX15-5 connector. See my last picture.
H is the thermocouple, T+ is Plus on the soldering tip, SW is the vibration sensor, GND is the signal ground, PE is the protective ground. With the Handskit, the NTC is soldered to the board.

--- End quote ---
...I should measure the 1Ohm from PIN 1 (marked H on the board) to 3 (marked with ground symbol on the board).
And 3 Ohm from PIN 2 (marked T+ on the board) to 3.

--- End quote ---
I re-measured (with a better, more precise multimeter) and confirmed I had the thermocouple and heater the wrong way around. So I swapped them. Attachments 1+2 show how is how it's now wired up.

--- Quote from: ststefanov13 on May 09, 2023, 10:18:14 am ---!!!!  Signal Ground is not connected with  Protective Ground  on the board. !!!!
pin 1=RED=Theromocouple
pin 2=BLUE=Heater +
pin 3 bridge 4 = GREEN = Protective Ground
pin 4 bridge 3 = GREEN = Signal Ground

--- End quote ---
I bridged PINs 3 and 4 inside the connector (Attachment 3)

--- Quote from: Rixi on May 09, 2023, 06:36:22 am ---Another question: Do I need to add a diode here? (Attachment 1)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: DavidAlfa on May 09, 2023, 08:00:03 am ---[...] better to solder a led or a 1n4148 there to clamp the voltage at lower level than VCC.

--- End quote ---
Added a diode (Attachment 4)

The good news: The station is now now showing the tip/cartige error any more :) And it's heating the tip :)
...but the temperature reading (or somethig else) is still not sufficient:
When switching on the station or putting in a new tip it's heating up strongly for 1-2sec and then reads temperatures up to 800-900 °C. The tip is then hot and you don't want to touch it, but not hot enough to melt solder. After reading the 900°C it stops heating and the temperature slowly drops to the set temperature which it then tries to hold. Still hot, but not melding solder. Various new and used tips all show a similar behaviour.

I do have a (fake) Hakko 191 Tip Thermometer, but can't read the temperatures acurately, because the tip is not melting solder.
However, I tried to run a calibration. It did not worked instantly for the 400°C calibration step: It showed "Wait..." forever and did seam to stabilize the read temperature enough. At some point the calibration seamed to work and showed "Successfull" (or something similar). But the behaviour did not really change (still heating up to ~900°C, tip get's hot but not melding solder).

The T12 handle and profile still work.

Any ideas why the C245 temperature reading/heating is so much off? Or what heating settings are not set the right way?

Genuine C245 have higher probe output than T12, almost double, so it might be saturating the amplifier output.
Enter calibration settings, click cal250 and keep increasing until it melts solder.
If the limit is reached ( cal400 value) and still not melting, increase cal400 by 500 and try again.
If you get to ~4000 value and still not heating enough, then it's the amplifier saturating.
There's a 249K resistor in the amplifier circuit, solder another one in parallel of 220K-150K to reduce gain and try again.
Be careful, now the output will double, set cal250/cal400 to original values before modifying.

Perfect! Will try it tonight.

I finally calibrated one C245-906 tip:
Cal 250°C: 2065
Cal 400°C: 3339

Thank you so much, David!

Is there a process to calibrate/optimize the PID values?


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