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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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Thanks, gonna make it this way.

Hello. board KSGER v2.Firmware penultimate. Tell me why the current temperature is not saved? Saving a profile in the menu is enabled. There is a battery. The battery voltage is 3 volts. The tip type is saved but the temperature is not...

Not enabled by default, but there's flag to enable that.
Follow the firmware building instructions, uncomment this line (Remove the "//") before running the building script, after compiling the new firmware will be available in BOARDS/KSGER(...) folder.

My question is, David, is it possible to disabled temprorary standard function of the tilt switch input and make an addon (for example, through an addon more similar to fume_extractor ) and repurpose it for a desoldering module to control a valve or pump as it is in the original Chinese firmware (eg when N tips are used) ?

Look at the picture....

Everything is possible, but not me doing it, I'm just too busy!


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