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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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Search "MM32" in this thread!  ;)
Yeah you can just connect PE with a wire.

Did that, all it tells me is that people swap their MM32s for STM32s. My question is what are the downsides of the MM32.

Also the second question is about the not connected PE

And why do people swap them? Because they are completely incompatible!
There're no "downsides", it just won't work with this CFW.

asupsp700 how to convert this 2.42 inch oled display from spi to i2c to work stably?

Thank you David for sharing your fabulous work. As you can see, I had an original Ksger v3 that I successfully updated to v1.10.5.

Everything worked the first time without problem.

I wanted to experiment with original JBC C210 nibs. Do you recommend me to buy this handle?

Have you done any testing with JBC tips? Thanks and greetings from Spain!


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