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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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I updated all my soldering stations and the board of the future project for an LCD display - I had no doubt that everything would work perfectly.On LCD display by default, y offset was set to 56, set it to 32 with the encoder and the image on the display became normal,I didn’t have to adjust anything on the OLED displays. I would like to ask - are lcd displays supported only on the st7565? After all, the library supports many more displays, I’m just going to buy more displays for st7567 and uc1601 (they are on the list, at least for Arduino), I’ll try to experiment with them. And one more question - the list of supported firmware languages is final, I would just like to see the Ukrainian language too?

I designed the firmware for (And only for) existing stations (KSGER, Quicko, Handskit), which will be the majority of users, thus the gui fits *specifically* 128x64 displays, others will look weird.
Some people had a hard time reading those small displays, and 2.4" OLED were pretty expensive, so I decided to add support for those LCDs, which can found everywhere for cheap.

Only OLEDs (SH1106/SSD1306/SSD1309, etc) and ST7565 LCDs (And compatibles, like your LM6059) are and will be supported.
I won't be adding support for other displays, as I said this targets specific hardware, so just buy the correct display from the beginning.
Of course, it would be possible to make it work with other displays, but I can't be making a custom FW for everyone going different, so you'll have to do it yourself.

BTW I forgot to change settings version, so the firmware is taking the existing data, which will be wrong, that's why it was set 56 by default, that variable was used for something else.

Fixed in v1.10.8.

I'll still try to experiment in this direction.

Hi guys,

With your help I updated my HANDSKIT T12 station to David's CFW and modded it to work with a C245 some months ago. Love it!

Yesterday I found this extremly cheap C210 handle and "had to" order it including another, spare C245 handle. Ordering both, combined shipping applied (cheaper shipping costs). The price was just too good. Now I thought this is maybe also interesting for some of you guys:

You can find it here on AliExpress.

Has anyone of you ever opened this kind of handle or even inserted a shake sensor into it?


David, what we have been talking about in the last few weeks is slowly starting to make more sense now.  I connected a 3.3V buck converter last night and did some experiments but also have 5V and other versions to play around with if required.  The 3.3V worked fine, but the soldering station was idling and wasn't under load.  I have the Blue PCB and can share voltages that I measured at a later point.. if it helps anyone.

I received a full KSGER unit on the weekend, and opened it up last night for the first time.   I didn't buy any KSGER handles, I will only be using modified handles.. so it'll be a while until I wire up a handle and can test actual soldering.. but understanding how the unit functions is becoming easier and easier now that it is in front of me.  I can't patch firmware until the ST LINK arrives, which is maybe another week or two.  But I understand the purpose of NTC in the handle and cold temp vs thermocouple temp a little bit more now.

I have attached a wiring diagram that I created a few days ago.  If there is any criticisms or improvements, anyone feel free to share your thoughts.  It's easy to edit and can be helpful in the future for noobs (like me).  There's two versions, a simplified version, and an extra info version.

It is intended to be printed out on A4 paper in landscape mode.  But can also be used in any image viewer on the PC obviously.


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