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CFW for KSGER/Quicko STM32 Soldering Stations

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hello david, my board uses fw from version v1.10.8v to v1.11.1 and has the error as shown in the picture, but from version v1.10.6 and earlier it works perfectly fine. Don't know what the problem is?

Edit: Working here? I build a special v1.11.1 version that enforced 10KB RAM so my F103 behaves like the F101.

I tested:
v1.10.6 ->v1.11.1 : OK
v1.10.8 ->v1.11.1 : OK

As expected (Being different setting versions) it erased the settings, but had no issues of any kind.
Try writing the FW again, or a button factory reset (Though this would never be required).

With the blue version I bought, from version v1.10.8 to v1.11.1 there was a Hard fault error, but for the black version I made it myself following your diagram, all versions worked. both run stm32f103cbt6, both versions have quite similar diagrams, only the voltage regulator circuit level 3v3 for the mcu is different.. maybe I will use the black version.😆. Thanks David

Doesn't make sense, same MCUs, same FW, there's nothing different.

I'm searching for a "naked" T12 controler board capable of running the CFW and a C245 handle.
Any recommendations?

While browsing AliExpress I found this boards. They are not my choice, because they are based on STC MCUs and AFAIK it's not possible to run the CFW on it. BUT in the product description I found this diagram, showing the wiring of the different handles. Not sure if this has been posted here already, but I thought it could be useful for many people here:


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