Author Topic: TUYA ZiggBee WiFi gateway plus temperature + humidity sensor = A LOT of Problems  (Read 421 times)

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I have purchased a set:
TUYA ZiggBee WiFi gateway plus temperature + humidity sensor.

Everything came together nicely ... and now the problems started ...
1. The device will not read the temperature at night (no one knows why) a hole appears around 6h and it varies (probably only the device knows why ?) between 9 PM/23PM to 3 AM/5AM then the data is not read? There is no such option anywhere in the settings, and so every day.
2. Suddenly, the device stops reading data from the T&H sensor (they are not shown on the graph), nothing is monitored that the device has lost communication (according to the device - connection status is on), but the data is not refreshed (also on the graph).

It's honestly crap.

Has anyone had similar problems with ZigBee devices? Maybe it's a conflict with WiFi? I don't know, but it shouldn't matter?
Well, you can always say that it is a damaged device. But somehow I do not think so strangely and I would rather bet on terrible software?

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Got that setup here. I don't check the temperatures or humidity (other than what's on the device display) but when I have in the past there is a definitely a period around midnight when it won't show any history. I put that down to stats being reset at 00:00 and there needing to be a minimal set before it will return anything.

(This is using the Tuya app, BTW).

My main use for it is to turn on the aircon (also using the zigbee gateway to an IR transmitter box) when the temperature drops to around 12C. So far as I can tell, that hasn't failed to trigger yet - sometimes it doesn't trigger when I think it should have (the place if very cold in the morning) but on checking the logs it's still 0.2C or something above the trigger value.

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