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Suggestions wanted for a spot welder for battery tabbing

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Greetings, I'm going to be working on a few projects that will require rebuilding long since out of production battery packs, which would preferably involve tabbing batteries with spot welds.

I'm in the US, so something that easily ships here would be nice. It doesn't have to be particularly fancy, just enough to get strips of metal onto battery terminals. Cheaper is better until it becomes a fire hazard (well, /more/ of a fire hazard).

Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. (I'm aware of pre-tabbed batteries, and I'm aware of the dangers of batteries in general, especially lithium ion batteries, I intend to have measures in place to mitigate these risks)

The one in this thread apparently works ok with the tweaks either fitted or pre-installed (has list of things to look for)...

I haven't used any of these short-circuit-the-battery type spot welders, and not sure that I'd buy one, but some folks seem to have success with them.
This self-contained type which includes two LiPo cells seems to work. Would the battery explode some day? Hmm, not sure.

I think they are using a bunch of parralled FETs similar to Infineon IPLU300N04S4-R8 as the switch.

I've seen ones like those and they just make me nervous. Something that plugs into the wall might be a better idea. I don't mind if I have to spend a hundred bucks or so to get one that isn't sketchy (sketchy + batteries != good time, imo)

Suggestions nevertheless appreciated, and I'll keep them in mind.

There is also kWeld
It's done by a member of this forum:

Seems to me like the best solution for battery welding at home.


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