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T12 STM32 V2.1S Soldering Station Controller - schematic etc.

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Here is a diagram of your board (or similar):

on the point 1, read 24V
on the point 2, read 0V
and the chip "3" is a very small, with a magnifying glass I read "jwbmj 9ya4l" but doesn't found nothing on the internet.

Great, I think this is the one that is dead since I don't read 3.3V at the output, what can I do?

Chip "3" is a DC/DC step down converter. Looks like JW5026 (datasheet for it in the file).

Pins "5" and "4" should have an input voltage of 24 volts. And after the inductor "L1" - 3.3V.
If there is no voltage 3.3, then several options are possible:

1. Closing the circuit after "L1". To check this, you need to measure the resistance from the "L1" coil to "-".
2. The breakage of the coil itself - measure its resistance - should be almost "0".
3. Bad soldering - carefully look through all the small radio components around this microcircuit under a magnifying glass.
4. The chip itself is faulty - it needs to be replaced (if there is no JW5206, then pick up an analogue).

in the pass nÂș1 I measure 0.6Ohm without voltage.
2- 0.8 ohm
3 i iew all ok
4 the most possible.
is possible put a 3.3V with an external power supply? to make it easier, can I connect it to the vcc of the display?
If it worked like this, could you remove the chip and put a 3.3V AMS117? I know the footprint doesn't fit but I could mount it on another plate or aerial.


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