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T12 STM32 V2.1S Soldering Station Controller - schematic etc.

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Now remove the coil and check at which side the short is.
Could be just bad capacitor.


--- Quote from: Enric on May 15, 2022, 05:44:26 pm ---2- 0.8 ohm
--- End quote ---

This is not good. Very little.
I read one topic on a Russian site. Many users had a problem with a soldering station, where the 3.3 voltage regulator is made like yours. I'm sorry, but the STM32 chip itself failed.
If possible, unsolder the controller. If the resistance increases, then the STM.
Moreover, they wrote on that forum that the stabilizer microcircuit was also out of order.
Most likely, at first it failed, and then 24 volts entered the STM.
To make the circuit more reliable, the step down converter must be set to 5 volts, and after it, set 1117 to 3.3V

Ok, tomorrow I'm going to go find another welder and I'm going to try it.
Thank you all very much.

Best to start a new repair thread for your controller. The JW5026 appears to be sole-sourced, I did not see any alternate part.

If you are going to buy a new STM32F103 chip, then pay attention that you need it with 64 pin (16 pin on one side). Because there are 48 pins (12 pins per side).


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