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T12 STM32 V2.1S standby temp


My t12(2.1s hw 2.12 sw) lets you set the standby temp to room temperature which is what I set standby too because I find it still heats up fast enough when I pick up the iron. 
I'm just wondering is this ok for the tip with thermal shock?  I'm thinking it may stress the tip in a similar way to using a wet sponge but I"m not sure going from room temp to 300c in a few seconds is as thermally shocking to the tip as a wet sponge?
Another thing I've noticed between different t12 clone tips(though one did come in genuine looking "Hakko" packing with a made in Japan sticker on it) is that one of the tips could pull 90w from the wall compared to the possibly genuine Hakko t12 tip pulling only 80w.

That's just slightly differences in the heater resistance.
"Ambient temperature" is actually completely off, or should be.
The sensor cannot output any lower than room temperature.
Are you really worring about thermal shock and $2 iron tips?


--- Quote from: DavidAlfa on August 03, 2021, 12:49:33 pm ---
Are you really worring about thermal shock and $2 iron tips?

--- End quote ---

When you put it like that then no. 


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