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Teardown - oricom UHF030 UHF CB Radio


what you get for a basic
5 watt 80ch 477MHz UHF CB radio in Australia
try'd to get as mush  images as possible, without destroying the radio.
this transceiver has no signal level meter
the 6 pin microphone has a ballast weight in the microphone case.
radio is made in Korea under licence by oricom International

add full 1600x1200 pixels on two images plus two
did not do the faceplate as may crack solder joints see how the potentiometers are mounted.

why I posted this is because of a lack of technical information on this type of transceiver
in product reviews.

has a 3.5mm mono speaker jack for external speakers.  note the 10 watt TDA2003 audio IC
next to the large voltage regulator IC.    no public address mode

duplex repeater mode and priority scanning - embedded firmware to ACMA standard
so not all 80 channels are accessible.

no datasheets after looking online -seems to be proprietary
BEKEN  BK4813Q DG9450F 
looks like it may have similar function to the BK4815N two way radio transceiver radio IC.
the channel frequency synthesizer   
SAMSUNG U942  S3F8419XZZ-9Z89 looks like it may be the brains of the operation
pcb looks to be tamper proof & if all else fails, fail-safe against idiots with screwdrivers seeking more power.

amber liquid crystal display illumination has two light sources at the bottom of the face-plate assembly.
with some noticeably uneven illumination of the display. not shown in promotional images of this transceiver.
microphone handset has no button back-lighting illumination.
both rotary squelch and the volume control has nice smooth oily feel with volume knob the on/off switch

Hi any chance you still have this radio and willing to send me a clear photo of a component, I have been given one of these and has what looks like a transistor blown out and need to see if I can replace it, but need a part number


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