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Teardown: Rigol DG2041A (Arb. Function Generator)

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Here are some photos of the insides of a Rigol DG2041A arbitrary waveform generator:

Nice! thanks for making this available.  I wish the photos were clearer though to make more detailed inspections.  If you see this thread, its photos like this that clearly say can have problems, but similar close ups can show good workmanship if its there.

It looks like olsenn units are used and quite dusty inside, need some cleaning work before he can show us some high rez guts.

Actually I purchased the unit brand new and it was drop shipped directly from Rigol. I think the fact that it is so dusty and sections covered in epoxy just shows how poor Rigol's manufacturing is for these devices.

Epoxy that secures parts is okay, the fact that epoxy cost money and dust is free.

Is it just the internal which is dusty or externally as well?


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