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Long time reader, first time poster!

Anyway, I am currently in the process of building my home lab, so I don't need to rely on my university's lab for all of my electronics needs. My setup is very similar to Dave's - several multimeters, a couple of power supplies, two scopes and a function generator.

So, I have a lot of equipment, but since most of it is surplus, I lack test leads and patch cables.

The question is - what kind of cables (alligators to banana, BNC to alligator, etc) do you guys recommend for this kind of lab? And where should I get them?

ebay ? or local ham radio/electronics fairs. The what you need depends on what you will do. You can also make your own maybe as you need them

Pomona, if you can afford to spend for them; eBay Chinese types to get you going.

Avoid PVC types, if you can, but they are the most prolific and very cheap; silicone cables cost at least 2x more, although the raw cable is only 50% more, IIRC; it feels better and maybe safer to use long term.  See a thread here on PVC toxicity.  If you compare the connector costs, it may be cost effective to build your own silicone cables.

Where to get them, pretty much everyone carries them, Digikey, Farnell, Jameco, but a sleeper hit for Chinese type cables in the USA is Marlin P Jones,


4mm-4mm leads in a few lengths and colours, 4mm croc clips, 50 ohm BNC leads, some BNC to croc clip leads and some BNC T junctions. And as people as said, definitely silicone test leads for the 4mm leads. As for where to get them, where are you based? Most stores will have all of those, in the UK try farnell, CPC, rapid or RS


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