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The Agilent U1272A looks to have a Taiwanese opponent


Yes it looks that it does..  :)

The APPA 505

More in depth specs
Six times sampling ( but they do not say if it as at 10.000 or 100.000 counts)
And double internal memory capable for 20.000 data logging entries.

The Taiwanese APPA  505 got in the Russian market at 10700 Russian Ruble that is about 246 Euros or 330 USD.
APPA looks to use even their own data logging software.

Just by looking the specs on paper I feel confused.
Maybe one more expert than me, he could spot how close they are about their internals.

Externally the Agilent it is superior,  or better said I like it as is.


The specs are tempting!

Guess who is selling them in The Netherlands!


--- Quote from: qno on October 06, 2011, 07:59:54 am ---Guess who is selling them in The Netherlands!

--- End quote ---

ohhh re-branded too !! ,what a surprise  ;D
Even so there is no 505 model to them, and not a word about the pricing.   


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