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Toroid ISB-100W Isolation Transformer


I just purchased one of these on Ebay. It's a 1000VA, medical grade, 9 outlet, 120/240 V for about $85USD + $25USD shipping. These things list for $560 new so it seemed worth a shot!

Nice aluminum enclosure, fairly small (approx 4 in tall, 8 in wide, 12 in long) and weighs in at 22.6 lbs (apologies in advance to my European brethren for the archaic measurement units). Held together with Torx screws and I didn't have an exact match so the actual screws are probably 1 size greater than these: Sides 8 x T15 and top 1 x T27.

Good thing I used the meter on it first to test that all the outlets were working: The unit was set to 240V output!

Attached are a few pictures for your entertainment. If you are looking for one, the guy has 5 left, just search EBay.

It looks like you've got a good deal.

The output is floating which is exactly what's required for working on a test bench.

Thanks for the headsup, I could use of these.

For those wanting one, this is the link:

And he only has 4 left, now.  :)

Thanks for the heads up.  I've needed on of these and I didn't want to pay much more than this, but didn't expect to get 1000VA capability for the money. 

I knew I bought a bunch of those AC interface pig tails from something a couple years ago...


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