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unisolder 5.2c power supply

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anyone build one of these in the usa and if so which transformer did you use? im told it needs a 24v 6amp output. i dont always have 220v where id be using it so looking for 120v primary i have a couple kits coming to assemble (someone bought them and never were able to figure them out supposedly everything except trans in there even the case they bough) and would like to use a toroidal vs switched one.

The Hammond 1182Q12.  24V, 6.67A, 160 watts.

thank you i saw that one but for some reason i could have sworn i read to stay with 6amps max i may be wrong. im trying to remember where i thought i read that. there is also an antec one i found tonight. hammond makes nice stuff from my experience though

Actually, I assume that was you that just posted on the Unisolder forum about this too.  Ironically, the non-toroidal one he listed specifically is 144w, when he's saying 130w...   Doesn't seem to specifically need 130w, but I also don't know how far over 130w the unit will tolerate.  An extra 30w is 23% over recommendations.  You could go with the Hammond 1182P12 which is 120w, to be on the safe side.  I was going to get a unisolder, but I couldn't get into the forum, and I PMed him here, but never got an answer. 

that is actually my brother in law lol. he also ordered pre done boards from vulken there but he asked me which transformer to use and i was not sure. the kits i have are coming in pieces i have to fully assemble these so im even hoping everything is there. but i bought them for 50$ each "kit" because the guy sat on them for like a year.

so i told him to post there and ask. i also have an account there under the same name as here. i think i only posted like once maybe twice about using the larger screen.

so many mixed thoughts on the transformer. some tell me do not exceed 6a some say you can by a bit some say stay with a 5a one etc so im like huh which one is proper to actually use. i saw where the ones he was selling were 12v 4.16a / 24v 6a dual secondaries. but he said now with 5.2 you dont need those anymore just the 24v. thats why i was hoping to see which ones people actually did use that worked properly. i was thinking about testing some switched ones also but i guess with the newest firmware settings are not retained when using them


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