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Upgrading Aoyue int701A++ to T12 or similar


Hello all

Tricky question, I know.

I'm considering upgrading my old soldering station, an Aoyue int701A++ which I think is a clone of an Hakko model. I am indeed using Hakko tips as the Aoyue are useless. It works ok but I feel I could move to a much better performing one.

I am a... demanding hobbyist. I don't mind investing into something better which can last years but I don't think I am ready to invest in a Metcal! I am a bit confused by all the options available around. I've seen poor reviews of some very expensive gear and great ones of very cheap ones.

It also feels to me there is a gap between the cheapo KSGER and the Metcal range! Is there anything in between which is good but not super expensive?

In fact I was thinking of giving the KSGER a go but honestly I feel I might just waste my money. Very confused indeed. Any hint is appreciated!



Thanks. I am familiar with Steve's videos. What I am not sure is whether it's worth upgrading from my station to a cartridge type station and if so, which one! :)

Yes it is worth it, since you seem to have performance issues.

Which one is up to you, depends on your budget, use case, etc.


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