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Uyue 946c Hot Plate - old or new model?

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I'm thinking of buying an Uyue 946C hot plate.

However, there seem to be two models available from sellers on the usual platforms: an 'old' and a 'new' model. The old model has blue and yellow colour scheme, front-mounted power switch and appears to use an off-the-shelf panel-mount temperature controller module. The new model has a teal and white colour scheme, has rear-mounted power switch and has an integrated temperature controller.

Anyone know if there's any differences in features? The controller on the old one has two numeric displays and seems to have more buttons, which kind of implies more functionality; the new one only has a single numeric display and only three buttons ('up', 'down', 'set').

Or do you think I'm I just going to get a new model even if I order the old one? :D

Just ordered one of the new ones so I will let you know what it is like.

I bought one of the new style ones in the end.

My only complaint is that the purported temperature calibration feature described in the instructions doesn't seem to exist - or, at least, has a button combination I couldn't guess.

Oh, and that on mine the edges of the aluminium plate were razor sharp. I had to take a file and chamfer them.

So you liked the one you ordered? I am looking at the same problem. So many models all called the same...
If you liked it do you have a link to were you ordered it from?

Mine arrived over the weekend - is the one I ordered.

I was expecting shoddy wiring and dodgy construction.

I am actually impressed. The new model has 240V heating elements so they have removed the transformer that I saw mentioned in some teardowns of the older model. Earth bonding was pretty good, with all exposed metal (that wasn't powder coated) connected to earth.

The only problem was the one mentioned by HwAoRrDk, the edge of the top aluminium plate is like a razor blade; so a file will be coming its direction soon.

The temperature control is rock solid, apart from the fact it is reading 20C low but there is an adjustment for that. When it thinks it is at the right temperature it goes up and down a couple of degrees; although I was only testing it at 250C for 20 minutes. Warm up time isn't too shabby, took 1-2 minutes to go from cold to 250C.

So overall not a bad little addition to the lab.


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