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Recently I was given a new Samsung audio/video baby monitor. It works really well except we cannot get a signal in our room. My house is an L-shaped ranch which makes the monitor work even harder to get the signal through. Strangely enough, there are few parts in the center of our bedroom where it actually works but all in all it doesn't really work.

Has anybody tried improving the signal on a device like that? Would a cantennae work in a case like that? I would rather not tear the monitor up too much since it still serves a purpose even though it won't work in the entire house. I did take it apart and saw the antennae was a thin, partially shielded wire. Unfortunately, the wire is so thin and the pads are so small unisoldering them would be pretty risky.

What frequency does it transmit?

There are many simple antenna hacks out there for 2.4 GHz, due to WiFi.  You can get near 12 dB gain with a simple parabolic out of card stock and foil.

It is 2.4GHz. I am assuming the parabolic antenna needs to face the direction of the receiver.


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