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Video Review: Amprobe AM-270

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Hey guys,

Got dedicated after sk00l today and decided to make this video. I know it's long as hell...almost an hour. But I tried to make the best comments I could and my real opinions. I don't think the video is done processing yet, but when it is, here is the link:

Yes you get to hear my cute little voice. Don't hate.

Good meter for the price, really.


Why I'm getting "This video has been removed because it is too long." when I tried to play the video ?

Is it only me ? How long is that video ? Never experienced like this before on youtube.

Fixing the problem. I'm reuploading it because I didn't have my account set up for videos longer than 15minutes.

Should be up in about 20 minutes.

Didn't get very far through the video, but the PC interface is an extra cost option, USB-KIT3; scroll down to the end of this page:

PC interfaces are normally activated by pressing buttons on the meter--the rotary switch does not turn to that position.

Yeah I realized that much. Sorry I was mumbling the whole video. You wouldn't miss much if you muted it. Still not a clue where the serial connection would be made...


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