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Anyone here use the National Instrument's VXI-USB to talk with a VXI Chassis (i.e., Agilent 8408A)?

The driver works fine in Windows 11 build 21H2.    Windows 11 Build 22H2 broke it.  In the device manager it show and Error 10 (Can not start driver).

Reverted back to build 21H2 and it works fine.

The latest NI driver for that VXi-USB communications module is from 2017.   

I can't anyway to email NI with the issue. They probably wouldn't care anyway.

I have place two similar messages NI instruments forums, but those forums mostly seem dead.

For now, I have had to disable Windows updates, and will probably permanently have to disable them <sigh>.

Well, you can always keep a virtual machine with the working drivers for your older hardware. Unfortunately there's not much else you can do once MS breaks stuff and the manufacturer no longer cares to support their product.

<Sigh> Yaa.

It was convenient having everything work on once computer.  This computer does have a virtual Windows 7 computer installed in it that works rather well (Oracle). It's just another computer to maintain.  Also, if the driver does not work in the host computer, I doubt it will work on the VM.

I do have a Windows 10 machine at the other end of the bench.  I am pretty use it's Windows 10 22H2.  I have not tried it on it yet. It is too convenient to have the VXI-USB working on this one.  So if it works, the transducer test has to be moved to that Windows 10 machine which is scheduled to loose support in 2025.  It shares the network drive and printers, so it isn't that bad.

22H2 on Window 11 just has me pissed off a bit at Microsoft.  I guess there is no way to let them know they broke something?; not that they would care.

For right now, I turned Windows 11 updates off.

As long as the VM can map its virtual USB port to any physical port, host OS is out of the equation. Imagine how painful running a Windows VM on a Linux host could be if it worked the way you suggested ;)

Still, I get that could be a hindrance to your workflow but that's all I've got unfortunately.

Oh, sometimes MS doesn't really "break stuff", they just deprecate or rework some API or library for security reasons. At that point it's up to manufacturers to maintain and adapt their own drivers and software to newer standards. It may or may not be what happened with 22H2.


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