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Warning: Fake 100A Fotek Solid State Relays

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Ordered a couple of Fotek solid state relays from eBay marked as being able to handle 100A (SSR-100 DD), I bought two figuring I would tear one down and verify they are indeed 100A modules before putting it into use. Here are the results.


Yes, that's a 2SC4110, a 25A transistor.

Buyer beware!

So its a fake, which isn't surprising on EBAY.  It looks like the whole SSR-nnDD product range uses the same housing, so it *MAY* simply be a remarked SSR-05DD or SSR-10DD, which would be consistent with the 60V voltage rating.  All the higher power SSRs in the range are rated for 120V DC.  Its also interesting to note that I couldn't find any reference to a SSR-100DD model on the Fotek website

No link to the Ebay listing. Come on. Give us a fighting chance to make our own minds up.

Whoops, sure:

Edit: Just noticed that the label is completely different on the unit, so perhaps not Fotek's fault, but a fake/rebadged unit. I have re-titled the thread in accordance with this.

Good one Gnif. Big Clive did a teardown of one of these things. @5:00 he notes the triac is not sufficient for the stated current.


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