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Warning to JBC DDE-1C Soldering Station Owners Check Your Firmware! Teardown Vid

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Anyone with a JBC DDE-1C Make Sure Your Firmware IS Up To Date. Make Sure You Can Update it.

If your unit will not update and is stuck on Version 8886448 your unit may be affected.

JBC refused to provide how many units had substituted micro controllers with stripped down firmware and disabled features.

Since JBC would not own up to the issue publicly I made a video detailing the issue.

Interesting. So TDLR something like:
- JBC used lower flash size micros on certain DDE units
- These units are missing features: date/time, custom name, custom profiles, etc.

So they are saying there is no solution or no further updates for that unit? I just skimmed the vid.


JBC's Only solution is replacement.

Most of them should be under warranty so if you have one check it now!

I am still prob going to drop a fair chunk of greenbacks and finish off the Hakko to JBC transition.

I really wish I has the time to tear them down and compare them and get the numbers of the chips I may have to make the time! 

SDG has a teardown here of DDE-2C, where he found it was a dsPIC33FJ256 (256kB flash):

May or may not be the same. If it is, 64 and 128kB versions are also available.

thm_w, the update is about 5Mb so there has to be flash some place else prob up on the display unit.


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