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There are issues with mounting it to another desk, in that your main desk that the item is on still needs to be rigid. But, it can be a good idea. I was thinking of a wall mount monitor arm.
You should be able to pick up used high quality gas spring monitor arms for cheap locally, the ones built for heavier monitors should be more rigid. Its just the effort of building an adapter to mount the focusing rack to it (a round shaft).

24mm eyepiece increases the FOV at 3.25x to a huge 88mm, but its starting to distort at the edges so the 22mm eyepieces included are a good match.

Oddly the seller is trying to convince me its shipping damage and they might have to send another ??? I'm happy with the performance of this for the price, just want to know if it is actual damage or if its inherent in the design... The blurryness is less in the left eyepiece, so maybe it did get bumped, but I can't see whats adjustable inside, everything has been glued in place. Tried swapping eyepieces, no difference there.

Something is definitely not right. It is not just blurry at 32X, but the contrast dies like the devil.

For comparison, I have attached the ca. 10X/21mm view I get out of an old microscope at its 31X maximum zoom. You can see that this ENIG PCB has been stored too long and is starting to noticeably corrode.


--- Quote from: jfiresto on July 08, 2023, 09:14:46 am ---Something is definitely not right. It is not just blurry at 32X, but the contrast dies like the devil.

--- End quote ---

Ignore any contrast difference as it was taken with a cellphone camera in the eyepiece, and holding the ring light in my hand. Was just trying to demonstrate the difference in blur.

To clarify, I probably would not recommend anyone buy the newer 10:1 head over the old one unless:
- Another review is shown with full zoom in sharp focus
- You specifically want the higher working distance and do not care about the highest zoom ratios (although you could probably just get a 0.44 or 0.3x barlow too? Some are harder to find though).


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