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Dear friends,

as some of you might have noticed, I acquired a bad case of GAS over the last couple of months. Diving deeper into micro soldering I stumbled upon the discontinued TS4-S-2C Dynascope from VE in mint condition that was just an offer I could not refuse. That is the variant with 250W lighting, rotating 30° oblique viewing attachment and came with 0.7X magnification lens, so it zooms from 4.2X to 42X magnification.
I am wondering what camera adapters were available at the time.
I have been in contact with VE support in Germany, but they do not seem to care about the devices they sold 15 years ago.

I would be interested in either seeing some photos of the adapter, dimensional drawings or even buying a used part / NOS / whatever comes along the way.

My plan is to build a suitable C-mount adapter and maybe also a 6000 lumens, high CRI COB LED retrofit for the fibreoptics illuminator - the 250W halogen lamp has a pretty noisy fan and sinks quite some amps just for illumination.

Also, getting a graticule insert and other magnification lenses might be a thing, though I am pretty happy with the as-is state right now magnification wise.

One more thing:
The unit has a "Multiplug" multiple-outlet power strip mounted on the side. Is this something proprietor to VE? I am missing at least one spare plug to make a cable for the lighting unit.

Thanks and kind regards,
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