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What are your EDC Tools?

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In my pocket there is always a Roxon KS2E multifunction knife. On my desk there is always a Leathermann Juice XE6.

I'm not sure about Leatherman.  My brother in law is on his 5th Leatherman over the same time I'm still on my first Victorinox.   :-//

I also have a Buck 112 and a Buck 120 that date from the early 80's too.  Still 100% .. well, they've all been sharpened from time to time, so have a little metal loss.

[rant]And yes, I know there are far "better" knife blade metals these days than the 425M in my Buck knives, but have you ever tried to give them a quick sharpen in the field?  You can put a great edge on a Buck in less than a minute with a simple two sided stone, not a chance with a CPM-S90V bladed knife.[/rant]

you should study magnacut. it looks like a fiasco of shitty blades that break and have internal voids. there is absolutely a reason not to upgrade to exotic powder metallurgy. it seems a bit hush hush too with limited manufacturers and small knife makers that are scared to speak up or get hushed some how by the manufacturing companies.

people seem to be saying some of the powder coat is to cover up like defects.

I would prefer not to have a knife snap on me if i actually needed it in the woods, say if you are using it with a rock to make firewood in a desperate situation.

And even if it works, if you look at the quality of the high end steel blades, they skimp on everything but the blade. you get generally poorer construction to offset the cost difference unless you really shell out. The blanks are expensive, and it looks like the makers have to throw away a good portion (bad yield after grinding)... and that might not even be finding all the problems.....

combining semiconductor industry type problems with the most simple fallback tool is IMO not a great idea. it should really be 100% trustworthy

Not really EDC, as I do not carry it, but have near: Leatheman Charge+

Trully EDC:

* an swiss army: an old Wenger-Delémont similar to a modern Victorinox Evolution s17, but with the classical handle shape. Only when traveling
* an Spyderco Dragonfly 2 in ZDP-189 steel


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